Monday, December 10, 2012

Hair Problems? You Need Antioxidants

Hair problems have become very common in the recent times, thinning hair, premature graying is very common. One of the primary reasons for it is modern lifestyle; people are giving up nutrition for junk food. Also smoking, alcohol, lack of physical activity and pollution increase the production of free radicals in the body, which are responsible for many health problems. Free radicals are mainly responsible for aging. So in a way oxygen which gives us life is also slowly stealing it! You don’t need to panic; all you need is a good dosage of anti-oxidants. You may ask what are anti-oxidants? They are substances that can help eliminate free radicals and therefore prevent the damage they can cause. In terms of hair health, antioxidants keep your follicles from harm as well as maintain the integrity of cell membranes -- all of which contribute to proper hair growth.
Anti-oxidants occur naturally in many fruits and vegetables, especially all the bright color fruits and vegetables are particularly good. Most of the antioxidants should actually come from our diet but with the change in food habits, we are switching towards tasty rather than healthy. So chances are very low that you get proper nutrition. Some of the especially good antioxidants are magnesium, iron, selenium and zinc. Antioxidants help in parry damage by free radicals. Free radicals weaken your cells and thereby hurting hair growth. A healthy diet is necessary for preventing hair loss owing to damage from nutritional deficiencies and environmental damage. 
If you are planning to buy natural antioxidants, the best in the market is Joebyln. Made from the extract of the Sorghum Bicolor plant it is completely effective with no side effects. For a healthy lifestyle, all you need is a good diet and good dose of supplements. But it is necessary that you buy natural supplements and stay away from chemicals. Chemicals hurt your body more than providing nutrition. 

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